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Product no.: AC000111

Fits 6 volt & 12 volt flywheels

Product no.: AC000112
Easy to use, stops pump or engine case damage.
Product no.: AC000122

Can be used with engine in situ.

Product no.: AC000139
Lug type, fits 3/8” ratchet.
Product no.: AC000124

Use this to balance twin carb set ups, very accurate and easy to use.

Product no.: AC000150

The only way to ensure that you install your new flywheel oil seal correctly and avoid leaks.

Product no.: AC0003127

Towing A frame for beetle or beach buggy.

Product no.: AC000002

Useful for flywheel gland nuts and rear hub nuts.

Product no.: AC000114

Gearbox drain plug tool

Product no.: 111898025GN

Authentic green canvas vintage tool roll as issued in vehicles from the mid fities to sixties complete with tools, a perfect accessory for your vintage restoration.

Product no.: AC000135
Splined socket for 3/8” drive.
Product no.: AC0005716

Spark plug tap

M14 x 1.25

Product no.: AC000130HD

36mm axle nut whacker for rear hub nut

Product no.: AC000004

46mm socket for van rear hub nut

Product no.: AC0007062

Handy tool for removing the starter motor bush in the vehicle without having to remove the engine.

Product no.: AC000132

Aftermarket crank gear puller. This puller is specially designed to remove the cam gear from the crankshaft on T1/T2 1200-1600 engines.

Product no.: AC000116

Aftermarket spring plate removal tool. A handy tool for taking the tension from the spring plate when removing and fitting spring plates

Product no.: AC000117

Oil piston puller for the removal of seized or reluctant oil pressure relief valve pistons from the engine case

Product no.: AC000115

Aftermarket distributor drive puller. The tool allows removal of the distributor drive without splitting the crankcase.

Product no.: AC000121

Crankcase splitter tool that fits into the oil pump recess.

Product no.: AC0005335

Clutch alignment tool, all type 4 engines

Product no.: AC000143

A must when changing your clutch. Everyone should have one of these in their toolbox.

Product no.: ac000299

Graduated oil pourer jug with cap

Product no.: AC0005005

A convenient way to move an engine from & back under the vehicle. The frame is open at one end so you can position the jack for raising and lowering the engine.

Product no.: AC000124A

Adaptor sleeves to enable an airflow meter (carb sync tool) to be used on 34 ict carbs

Product no.: AC000126

Use this tool to set your deck height with feeler gauges (not supplied)

Product no.: AC000125

Aftermarket end float measuring tool. This tool allows easy measurement of crank end float at home with feeler gauges.

Product no.: AC000119

Simple tool for setting the lengths of your pushrods.

Product no.: AC000137

Combustion chamber cc tool supplied with a cc syringe and three colour coded plastic discs for 85.5/87mm, 90.5/92mm and 94mm cylinder heads.