Oil system inc sumps

Oil system inc sumps

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Product no.: 113-198-031

Oil change gasket kit 1200cc - 1600cc

Product no.: 111-115-175/B

Gauze oil strainer for all models 1969 on with an 18.5mm hole

Product no.: 021-919-081/b
Product no.: 111-115-107/AK

Oil pump, 1.2-1.6, 8/67-8/70 for 3 rivet camshaft. Oil pump with 21mm gears. As fitted to all 1200-1600 aircooled models with a 3 rivet fixing of the cam gear to the camshaft. Cover plate sold separately.

Product no.: ac117001

Oil cooler mount for twinport cooler

Product no.: 111-115-131/b

Oil pump cover gasket, all models 1200cc - 1600cc

Product no.: 311-115-141/c

Stock style Oil pump cover plate - all models

Product no.: 111-117-021/e

Fits all single port engines

Product no.: 311-115-107/K

A standard 21mm oil pump with early 6mm stud holes for 1200/1300/1500 engines from 60-67 with 6mm studs.

Product no.: 113-117-021
1300cc - 1600cc twin port engines.
Product no.: 021-117-151/a
Product no.: 111-115-107/BK

Oil pump with 26mm gears. As fitted from August 1970 to all 1200-1600 aircooled models and T25 waterboxers with the 4 rivet fixing of the cam gear to the camshaft. Cover plate sold separately.

Product no.: 111-115-111/b

Oil pump body to case gasket

Product no.: AC1151859

CB Performance Maxi pump 30, performance oil pump
 with Full flow cover.

Product no.: AC115303010

Empi Oil pump w/filter, >70 (For 3-bolt cam), takes spin on oil filter.

Product no.: AC115312940

Oil Pump Cover. Full flow Steel

Product no.: AC115310310

Billet aluminium oil pump cover, tapped for 3/8 NPT for use with full flow. Comes with 3/8 NPT to male Hose barb and gasket. Fits all aircooled with 8mm bolt style oil pump housing.

Product no.: AC1151798

Maxi pump 3, Full flow oil pump for pre 1971 / aftermarket cam shafts.

Product no.: AC1159226
EMPI alloy cover with inbuilt oil take off
Product no.: AC115540
Straight filler with black plastic cap
Product no.: AC115311
with drain tube and breather outlet
Product no.: AC1159244

Accepts Golf or FRAM spin on filter

Product no.: AC1179264

EMPI Competition oil cooler kit  -   Please call for availability.

Product no.: AC1179270

EMPI Competition oil cooler kit

Product no.: AC1173084

Oil cooler kit with electric fan - full flow

Product no.: AC115361

Stock oil filler cap but chromed

Product no.: AC115541

Screw in alloy filler neck with alloy cap

Product no.: AC115601

Chrome stock style dipstick

Product no.: 056-115-561/g
Standard oil filter to fit all of our filter heads and kits.
Product no.: ac115210

Deep sumps fit to the bottom of the engine case and provide extra oil capacity. They also aid cooling. A fitting kit is supplied with each sump.