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Product no.: AC105780

These increase acceleration and engine life. With 12v teeth and 200mm clutch face. Supplied 8 dowel ready. Cast Iron

Product no.: 111-105-305/E

Standard flywheel gland nut

Product no.: AC105036A

Chromoly Gland Nut and Washer. Stronger than the standard alternative.

Product no.: AC1058140

Crankshaft Dowel Pins. Chromoly 8mm / 23mm. Supplied as a set of 8

Product no.: 311-105-283/A
A must when changing the Crankshaft / flywheel oil seal
Product no.: 311-105-271/CH

Stock style 200mm cast flywheel, 12v

Product no.: 029-105-245/GEN

Top quality Elring (Gen) flywheel oil seal for a VW type 4 engine