Engine Case

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Product no.: 043-101-025/al

Universal design for type 1, type 2 and type 3 applications. Does not include type 3 block off plate.


Not in stock

Product no.: N01-101-011

Engine mounting nut, M10 slim head

Product no.: 111-199-101

Top right mounting bolt

Product no.: 113-105-701

Big end bearing set, standard size

Product no.: 111-198-461

Std/Std/Std size for new or un machined cases. Other sizes available on request

WAS £42.95
Product no.: 113-105-245/F

Crank shaft / Flywheel oil seal, German

Product no.: 111-105-305/E

Standard flywheel gland nut

Product no.: 311-105-283/A
A must when changing the Crankshaft / flywheel oil seal
Product no.: 113-101-475

Black standard rocker covers and clips. (pair)

Product no.: AC101210
This is the standard raw metal dynamo / alternator stand.
Product no.: N01-041-07

Top left bolt

Product no.: 113-105-245/fs
Product no.: ac1014012

Case saver inserts - set of 6 10mm ID x 14mm OD

Product no.: AC1984019

Aftermarket crankcase hardware kit, designed for use on cases with 10mm head studs.

Product no.: AC1010435

Supercase, 90.5/92mm Cylinders, 10mm case savers


Not in stock

Product no.: AC1010436

Supercase, 94mm Cylinders, 10mm case savers


Not in stock

Product no.: N0110624

Domed nut for crankcase sump plate

Product no.: N0145421

Stud, oil strainer cover, standard (T1 & T2) - 5 required

Product no.: 113-115-181/A

Aftermarket sump plate with drain plug, complete with gaskets

Product no.: n0-144-781/SS

Repair stud for when sumpl plate stud rips out of case.

Product no.: AC1984500

Aftermarket engine crankcase hardware kit. Manufactured by Scat.

Product no.: n0143953

Studs crankcase join / oil pump

Product no.: 113-101-111

Dowel pin for locating the crankcase halves on 1200-1600 engines, CT 1600cc engines, 1700cc-2000cc Type 4 engines and 1.9-2.1 Waterboxer engines. Each

Product no.: 111-101-123

Main bearing dowel pin

Product no.: AC1014001

Aftermarket Billet aluminium cam plug for all crankcases including 1700-2000cc Type 4 engines.

WAS £11.50
Product no.: AC101033

Screw in oil gallery plug kit. The kit includes all 12 plugs required to replace the standard oil gallery plugs when cleaning the oil galleries.

WAS £21.75
Product no.: 113-101-157/C

Standard cam plug for all engine cases

Product no.: 029-105-245/GEN

Top quality Elring (Gen) flywheel oil seal for a VW type 4 engine