Crankshaft and crankshaft pulleys

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Product no.: AC198410610

Aftermarket crankshaft installation kit.

Product no.: 311-105-283/A
A must when changing the Crankshaft / flywheel oil seal
Product no.: AC105263
Aluminium crankshaft pulley with holes. Degree markings marked in black. Makes setting the ignition timing very easy.
Product no.: AC105331055

High quality with a durable satin black anodized finish and laser engraved degree markings.

Product no.: 113-105-245/F

Crank shaft / Flywheel oil seal, German

Product no.: 113-105-209

Timing gear, crankshaft 8/60 >

Product no.: 311-105-431/A

Standard small end bush set, to fit 1300-1600cc T1/T2 engines (22mm Diameter). Sold as a set of 4.