Performance exhausts & fittings

Performance exhausts & fittings

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Product no.: AC01

Slim design for extra clearance. Ideal on twin carb set ups and big bore exhausts.

Product no.: AC2513393-1

Empi Header to silencer gaskets, fibre.

Product no.: AC2513393

Empi large flange exhaust gaskets

Product no.: AC2513641

Fits both Type 1 and Type 2, 1300 cc and over. Loudish

Product no.: AC2513647

Fits 1300 cc engines and over. Moderate noise!

Product no.: AC2513655

Fits 1300 cc and over. Moderate noise.

Product no.: AC2512661

Fits 1500 cc and over. Moderate noise!

Product no.: AC2513648

Fits all Beetles 1300 - 1600 cc and Vans without rear bumper.

Product no.: AC2513656

Fits Vans with rear bumper but may not fit all Splitties. (some notching of bumper may be required).

Product no.: AC2513650/3682

Fits Beetles only, 1300 - 1600 cc Tucks up inside of rear wing to the rear of wheel. Quiet

Product no.: AC2513602

Especially designed for lowered Beetles, great for ground clearance with a sporty sound. Large flange system. Loud!

Product no.: AC2513439

Fits late Bay Vans, Type 25’s and Type 4’s with 1700 cc to 2000 cc engine. Moderate.

Product no.: AC2513483

Fits late Bay Vans, Type 25’s and Type 4’s with 1700 cc to 2000 cc engine. Quiet.

Product no.: AC251423

Popular all in one system, fits Type 1 / 2, 1300 cc and over. Moderate.

Product no.: AC25126110

Over sized oval silencer sometimes called Turbo Mufflers, fairly quiet sound, not suitable for very low cars. Can be fitted to Vans but may require modification. Comes with a support strap which must be used.

Product no.: AC255303

Fits Beetle and Van up to 1600 cc, painted finish sold as a pair.

Product no.: ac2513418

This fits beetles 1300cc - 1600cc and exits through the standard tailpipe cut outs. Very good for lowered vehicles.

Product no.: AC251710

Stainless steel J Tubes, pair

WAS £69.95

Not in stock

Product no.: AC2513487

Empi single tip exhaust, great for lowered vehicles