Wiper blades, wiper jets, electric washer bottle kit, electric washer pumps.

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Product no.: 111-955-425/J

11" wiper blade for beetle

Product no.: 211-955-425/C
Product no.: 133-955-425/C
Product no.: 161-955-425

16" wiper blade for bay window

Product no.: 111-955-993/A
Product no.: 211-955-993
Product no.: 113-955-453
Complete kit including bottle with integral pump, switch, hose and fittings. 12V
Product no.: AC955001
Use this to convert your existing washer system to electric. Connects in line to the washer hose. 12V
Product no.: 113-998-999

Wiper Motor & Mechanism T1 69-73 1300,73- 1200D/L12mm/7mm