Gearshift couplings and bushes

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Product no.: 311-798-211

Gearshift coupling, rear 1965 on

Product no.: 111-711-175/B
Product no.: AC798204
Beetle up to 64 requires one, Split van up to 67 requires two
Product no.: AC798214

Fits Beetle 64 on, Bus 68 on

Product no.: 111-798-005

Gear shift selector kit, Beetle 10/52> 4 pieces

Product no.: 111-711-115/A043

Gear lever gaiter / boot, gen VW in black

Fits all models 1961 - 1979

Product no.: 211-711-149

Gear lever select/plate, 8/52-

Product no.: 111-701-259/A

Guide Bush, Front of shift rod, all T1, T2 -8/65

Product no.: 111-701-263

Gear rod bush clip, T1 (T2-65)

Product no.: 443-711-189/A

Screw for shift rod coupling, all years

Product no.: AC7115528

Shift rod end finisher

Ideal for custom applications, gearbox raises etc.

Product no.: 211-711-197

Guide bush, T2, front, 8/65-7/73

Product no.: 211-711-182

Front gear shift rod bush. Fits in front of the gear shift lever

Product no.: 211-711-183/B
Front and rear gear shift rod boot. Each
Fits both split screen and bay window.
Product no.: 211-711-179

Guide bush rear rod 68-79 front 2 lugs with spring clip

1 required per van

Product no.: 211-711-181

Guide bush rear rod T2 68-79 front, 2 lugs, NO clip

Product no.: 211-711-185/B

Guide bush for rear shift rod. With one lug.